Animated ‘Power Rangers’ Series in the Works at EntertainmentOne

Following Illuminerdi’s report regarding a big change in the future of the Power Rangers franchise, I have exclusively learned that a Power Rangers animated series is currently in development. While details on this new animated series are scarce, EntertainmentOne will be developing this series, with Boulder Media and Polygon Pictures as the animation studios behind the cartoon.

This untitled animated series will be joining Power Rangers Dino Fury and apparently an untitled Paramount movie, in the list of upcoming Power Rangers projects. Not much is known about the Paramount movie. However, IGN has revealed some details about the upcoming 28th season of Power Rangers, titled Power Rangers Dino Fury. The synopsis is listed below:

An army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat.

Hasbro has tried to create a Power Rangers cartoons multiple times now, but it has never worked out for them. I hope that this animated project is the exception. Power Rangers is an entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live-action superhero television series, based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai. Each series revolves around a team of youths recruited and trained by a mentor to morph into the eponymous Power Rangers, able to use special powers and pilot immense assault machines, called Zords, to overcome the periodic antagonists.

The Power Rangers franchise has gotten a bunch of films and one of the longest-running live-action series ever. Almost all of the official Power Rangers content we’ve gotten so far is supposed to be set in the same universe. It is currently unclear if this will be the case for this upcoming animated series, though I don’t see why it would not be connected to the other Power Rangers projects.

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