Exclusive: ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Television Series in the Works at Disney+

There is a Kingdom Hearts show in development at Disney+.

This news broke back in May through a tweet of mine, with it later being confirmed by The DisInsider’s Editor-in-chief, Skyler Shuler, who was able to share a few more details about the project.

From what I understand, Disney originally wanted to produce this series as a live-action project, but this did not work out. After Disney’s failed attempt at a live-action series, Square Enix was asked to create a pilot using Unreal Engine, which they previously used to develop the Kingdom Hearts 3 game. Square Enix’s version of the series will be animated, as it will be developed through Unreal Engine. This makes it the first full-fledged high-budget animated series made using Unreal Engine, which I find pretty exciting.

The DisInsider’s Skyler Shuler was able to confirm my scoop and shared some details about the project. According to Skyler, it will be a TV show and animated, just as I stated before. He revealed something pretty interesting though: the Disney voice actors are expected to reprise their roles. It makes sense that the Disney voice actors are expected to reprise their roles, seeing as how the series will be distributed by Disney through their Disney+ streaming service. The real question is: Will the Square Enix voice actors return? What about Sora? I expect the Square Enix voice actors to also reprise their roles here, as the series is being created by Square Enix themselves.

It is currently unclear when exactly this television series will take place. I mean, we don’t even know if it will be canon to the games. I personally haven’t played any Kingdom Hearts games so I have no idea what this show could be about. I’m sure it’ll focus on Sora, but to what extent? Will this take place before or after Kingdom Hearts 3? Who knows? I hope we find out soon.

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