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Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 4’ Story Details Revealed

I have discovered never-mentioned-before plot details for Sam Raimi’s unrealized fourth Spider-Man movie.

A long time ago, I managed to get access to a story treatment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. I have been sitting on it for a while now, but I think it’s time that I share it. Keep in mind that this is a story treatment and not the actual script. Story treatments are basically supposed to be summaries of what a movie is about. Some summaries are a few sentences long, others can be 100 pages long. It all depends on how in-depth you want to go in your story treatment, and I think Raimi went pretty in-depth.

This is supposed to be Raimi’s third draft of Spider-Man 4. A lot of plot details have been changed with every draft. For example, one of them included Peter taking down Mysterio. Another draft included Felicia Hardy but not in her traditional role as Black Cat. Instead, she played a supervillainess called “The Vulturess.” It was also rumored that The Lizard would appear in this film. The treatment I have gotten my hands on includes none of these details. I am certain that this version of the story treatment is the third draft out of the four that were written.

Spider-Man 4 was the planned sequel to Spider-Man 3, for what would have been the fourth film in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man film series that was slated to release on May 6, 2011. The cast (supposedly) includes:

  • Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
  • Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson
  • John Malkovich as Vulture/Adrian Toomes
  • Anne Hathaway as Black Cat/Felicia Hardy
  • Rosemary Harris as May Parker
  • J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy
  • James Cromwell as Captain George Stacy

Raimi admitted to being “exhausted” with the “tremendous amount of delegation” needed to make “gigantic” movies like the Spider-Man films. However, it ultimately came down to an inability to get together a suitable story that led him to pass on a fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise. The movie went through 4 different drafts and tons of writers, Raimi just wasn’t able to make it work.

You can read the story treatment below:


We open up in the sky. A feather falls to the ground. Just as
it does, a slew of bank robbers pour out. As they look up, the
Spider-Man swings down gracefully, landing in a spider like
position. He beats the criminals up and just as the cops arrive, the
web-head swings into an alley way. He removes his mask,
revealing to us to be Peter Parker.

Parker enters the DB, only for it to be revealed that JJ has been removed as
editor, and Adrian Tombs has taken his place. Tombs is a
hardened, bold and frightening man who does not have a sense of
humour. By night, Tombs turns into The Vulture and begins to
rob the many banks across the city. By morning, the headlines
spread over the city.

Spider-Man begins to investigate the case with an utility
belt that is equipped with a mini crime-case-solver kit. He yanks out a
small magnifying glass and starts to go over the scene of the
crime. He notices the feather, he picks it up. Spider-Man
swings by the ESU university, raking his brain trying to figure out the 
significance of the feather. Using a DNA scanner machine, 
Parker finds out that the DNA belongs to Adrian Tombs.
The next day, Mary Jane invites Peter for lunch, so he can meet her
real father. Peter arrives at the Louvre kitchen with a suit
that is clearly not fit for him, accompanied with a stash of roses. He
drops them at the site of her father, Adrian Tombs. Both
Peter and Tombs shake hands, this being an awkward scene, we
move our cut to... Peter and MJ’s new penthouse apartment.
The two are arguing over the idea that the man can’t be
trusted and that he is, in fact, The Vulture. Mary Jane leaves
in anger.

At the downtown Electro Corp, tired worker Max Dillon is
working on a nuclear power capsule when suddenly with a crack
of thunder... The Vulture swoops in. Dillon tries to protect
himself with a hand gun, but is smashed into a nuclear power
diode which erupts on him and itself, into sparks. Vulture
steals a capsule. On exit, Spider-Man swings in and an
arial fight scene begins. The fight swings from state towers
all the way into the Empire State Building. Vulture grabs a
hostage, but the Spider-Man shoots a web on the flying villain's face, 
stunning The Vulture. The hostage is saved. The Vulture curses the Spider once
more, before escaping.

Later at the Bekil Hospital, Max awakens with his body being
confined to a gigantic plastic tube which stores his
energy and deflects it. He is being watched by a set of
scientists and professors who stand behind a protective
barrier. Dillon in rage melts through the tube and shocks
all the scientists to death. On escape, Max picks up a newspaper
heading with The Vulture on it, and melts it with his bare

Meanwhile at Tombs’s home, The Vulture is fixing his
damaged suit. Just as he finds out what the problem is 
with his gigantic metallic wings, Mary Jane enters. 
To her shock, she runs away. Tombs does not react.

At the DB in the next morning. Peter rushes in with some
more photos of Spider-Man’s battle with The Vulture. Tombs
scrunches up the pictures with his hands, telling Peter that
they are of no use to him or anyone else. As an argument erupts, a
hooded figure in a semi green and yellow tight outfit bursts
out in electricity in the corner of the press, blowing up
tables and desks. Peter quickly maneuvers with his webs,
creating a steel desk shield on the editors front door. Tombs
notices and immediately jumps out the window. As he glides in
the air, the steel wings pop out and Tombs swings 
into a lower level of the building. Peter now has to deal with Max. 
Peter turns around to see that Tombs has disappeared, and thus transforming 
into Spider-Man. As Max threatens an innocent in the corner, 
Spider-Man jumps over the shield and taunts Max.

A fight erupts between the two. Spider-Man notices that he
can’t physically touch the man. He ducks out of the fight. To
his embarrassment, a crowd of watchers and children laugh at
the hero as he has a burnt hole on his buttocks area.
Later, Tombs is hiding in a park tunnel preparing his escape to his lair. 
Then suddenly, a streak of energy glazes over, revealing it
to us to be... Max. Instead of killing Adrian, Max agrees to
join him defeat Spider-Man under the condition that Tombs
feeds his new-found hunger for energy, with the stolen capsule.

Peter goes over to Aunt May’s. The two have a sweet
conversation that turns rather bitter towards the end. Peter
admits to being Spider-Man and that it was his fault he
didn’t do anything to prevent Uncle Ben’s death. May cries as
Peter leaves.

The next day Mary Jane calls Peter over to the park. She
tells Peter that she should have listened to him and everything he has said 
for the last few years. She also tells him how little she can stay with 
him anymore because of his self-righteousness and his obsession of 
being a super-hero. She breaks up with Peter and tells him 
that she is going to live in Los Angeles.

Peter sits atop a building at night, drowning in self
pity. A mysterious Black Cat figure is seen breaking into
a diamond storage house. Peter throws on his mask and swings
up to the storage house. We move in to see that it is a
woman with sexy curves and white hair. Spider-Man tries to
stop her, but at the sight of her is spun into a dream state.
As he is in wonder-shock, The Cat pulls out a grapple gun and
fires it at the web-head, hooking him by the shoulder and
thrusting him into a wall. She then tries the same trick but
is violently grabbed by the web-head. A chase now begins
across the city between Cat and Spider. Eventually we end up
at a dock where a group of crooks are planning an arms deal.
Together the two team up to thrash the crooks. The Spider and
The Cat smile at each other after they defeat the crooks and
kiss each other passionately. They then make love in Peters

Peter awakens to find out that The Cat is showering. He
approaches the shower to see her butt naked body. Peter joins
her as we cut out. Later Felicia Hardy and Peter are
discussing their plan of how to tackle Adrian Tombs. Felicia
mentions that she has a personal vendetta against him, but
does not elaborate further.

Meanwhile at the lair. Max and Tombs are discussing their
plan of defeat Spider-Man. Adrian suggests going after Peter
Parker because he has a feeling that Peter is Spider-Man. 
Max agrees and suggests that they go for his loved one’s. 
Tombs remembers May, Peters Aunt.
At Aunt May’s, someone knocks on the door. May gets up thinking
it’s Peter. As she opens the door, Max stings her on the neck knocking
her out. She falls into his arms.

The lights throughout the city, including Times Square, are gone. 
Complete darkness. It turns out that the entire New York
Area is under a power outage. Peter suits up as Spider-Man,
while Felicia suits up as The Cat. The two help people who
are clouded in darkness and stuck underneath rubble from a
gas explosion. As the fire department arrive, the two head
down to the Main Power Facility.

As they arrive at the main power center. BOOM, a giant hyper
Max smashes out from the ground. His body is over twenty feet
and is now just pure energy and rage. Both Cat and Spider-Man
hide behind vehicles, which instantly get blasted away.
Peter notices a tower of energy pillars and tells Cat to
distract Max. Cat thinks of the only thing she’s really good
for... she slightly takes off her top, to reveal her cleavage,
attracting hyper-Max. She leads Max in between the power
tower conductors, where Spider-Man hits a switch. 
This releases more energy, which results in Max being overloaded with energy. 
Dillon then turns into a gigantic ball of pure energy and begins to 
absorb all the power in the city. As the authorities and military arrive on the
scene, Max explodes. Like a miniature nuclear bomb, he causes
mass destruction on the east side of New York.

Spider-Man and The Cat hang out on a peer as they watch the
explosion, Peter feels guilty that his plan caused the deaths
of many police officers. Cat cheers him up before shooting
him in the back with a dart gun.

The scene changes to a destroyed warehouse. Peter awakens to see
The Cat and Vulture next to each other. Cat explains how she
was forced into doing this to Peter, by Vulture and that he has her sister
hostage. Peter breaks free from the chains, just as he is about
to attack Vulture. We notice that the villain has a switch in
his hand and we move up to see that Aunt May and Cat's sister are
tied up to explosives. Vulture threatens to press the button.
On this very intense scene Peter spins a web that grabs the
switch, Cat then kicks the villain in the chest thrusting him
into a wall. Cat disarms Vulture while Spider-Man saves Aunt
May and Cat’s sister. Captain Stacy and his team arrive on
the scene to find Vulture tied upside down with a note
attached saying “From your friendly neighbourhood spiderman.”

That same night Cat apologizes to Peter. Peter tells her that
he understands. He also explains that he is planning to leave 
the safety of the city in her hands. They kiss once more and Peter swings away.
The next morning Peter visits Aunt May. He tells Aunt May that he is sorry 
for everything that she has endured because of him. Aunt May forgives Peter and 
advises him that being Spider-Man is always a choice, and he can always 
decide what he wants to do with it. On his way out he bumps into Mary Jane. 
She tells Peter that she still wants to be with him, 
but Peter refuses and walks away.

Peter now stands at the edge of the Brooklyn bridge. In his
hands the Spider-Man mask. Peter stares as it deeply feeling
a sense of regret for being Spider-Man for so many years, he
also feels a sense of happiness. Peter tosses the mask off
the side of the bridge. It lands in the river below and our
camera closes on the eye of the mask as we fade out.

By Emre Kaya

Editor-In-Chief of The Vulcan Reporter. Bylines include; What's On Netflix, The Cinema Spot, The GWW. Contact: