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Exclusive: New Star Trek project in the Works Titled ‘Star Trek: 1992’, Could This Be Eugenics Wars?

There is a new Star Trek project in development titled “Star Trek: 1992.” Could this be about the Eugenics Wars?

Recently, I learned that there is a Star Trek project in development titled “Star Trek: 1992.”

Now, I am not exactly a Star Trek lorebeard, so I had no idea what this could be. All I know is that, based on how it was documented, it is either the name of a new series or it is a Short Treks episode. I ended up looking up “Star Trek: 1992” on Google and apparently, the Star Trek wiki (Memory Alpha) has a page dedicated to in-universe and in-real-life events that took place in the year 1992. Here are the most notable events:

  • The Eugenics Wars begin on Earth.
  • Khan Noonien Singh rises to power in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation is airing.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine begins production.

Personally, I doubt it has anything to do with The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine. This leaves only the Eugenics Wars. Do you want to know something weird I have noticed? ViacomCBS has trademarked a bunch of Star Trek show titles. Some of these have already been released like Star Trek: Picard and Lower Decks, but others like Star Trek: Reliant and Revolution have not. These are all the trademarked Star Trek show titles that have not been officially announced yet:

  • Star Trek: Revolution
  • Star Trek: Reliant
  • Ceti Alpha V
  • Star Trek: Destiny

Three out of four of those titles have direct connections to Khan Noonien Singh, an extremely intelligent and dangerous superhuman. Ceti Alpha V is the planet he was imprisoned on, the USS Reliant is the ship that brought him to that planet and Revolution is what he started on the planet before escaping. The title “Star Trek: 1992” also directly ties into Khan, as the year 1992 is when the Eugenics Wars started.

The Eugenics Wars (or the Great Wars) were a series of conflicts fought on Earth between 1992 and 1996. It was the result of a scientific attempt to improve the Human race through selective breeding and genetic engineering, which resulted in the creation of a group of superhumans titled Augments. The Augments rose to power and held dominance over a large portion of Humanity, beginning in the early 1990s. Among the most notorious of these superhuman conquerors was Khan Noonien Singh, who in 1992 became the “absolute ruler” of more than a quarter of the planet. From Asia through the Middle East.

Back in 2018, a Khan series went into development titled Ceti Alpha V, though it was canceled after Viacom and CBS merged. I exclusively reported back in August that this series is coming back. Seeing as how Ceti Alpha V is back into development, I doubt Reliant, Revolution and Destiny are series dedicated to Khan. What I think is that Star Trek: 1992 is the name of a Short Treks episode. Short Treks are generally used to introduce characters to CBS All Access, or to expand on characters we have already been watching in the other CBS All Access Star Trek shows. Pike, Picard and Kirk have all been introduced to New Trek through Short Treks, for example. Furthermore, this potential Eugenics Wars show could use the sets of sister-series Clarice, which is another CBS All Access created by Star Trek head Alex Kurtzman. Clarice is set in the year 1993, which means that they could reuse the Clarice set without much trouble.

The series will be produced by the production studio behind Netflix’s upcoming Vikings: Valhallashow (which I have heard lots of things about, but I’ll save that for another article). This crew will be producing Star Trek shows in between the production of Vikings: Valhalla seasons.

By Emre Kaya

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