Exclusive: Potential ‘Titans’ Teen Titans Spin-off in the Works; Tim Drake Set To Appear in Third Season

There is potentially a Teen Titans series in development as a spin-off of DC Universe’s Titans.

Some of you might have seen it before on my Twitter, but seeing as how I need more content on the site before it publicly launches, I thought I’d write this up. Around a year ago, I heard that there was a Teen Titans spin-off in the works at DC Universe.

I’ve heard that this spin-off would feature; Tim Drake as Robin (who will appear in Titans season 3), Beast Boy, Raven, and other younger heroes like Superboy. Meanwhile, the main Titans will continue, featuring Nightwing leading a team of adult superheroes including; Arsenal/Red Arrow, a resurrected Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash. It is currently unclear where Kory would end up, but I can assure you that she is not being written out. I can see Kory being a member of either team, though. She could easily fit into the Teen Titans as a kind of mentor figure who could teach them how to become experienced heroes like the Titans, but I can also see her be a member of the Titans seeing as how she’s an adult superhero.

I’m really hoping that Kory ends up at the Titans but I’ll be excited either way. I think that this Teen Titans spin-off thing is a great way to expand the Titans universe. It’s comic-accurate, and it also helps solve a lot of the problems that fans have with this show. From certain characters not getting enough character development to the show being too crowded, to the show being too dark, etc. This spin-off could solve it all. Assuming that this spin-off series will get made, it will most likely have a different creative team. It will probably be a lot less dark, which I think a lot of Titans fans will like. I doubt it will go all Teen Titans GO! on us, but you don’t make a Teen Titans series focusing on the Tim Drake era of characters and then make it as dark as Titans.

Keep in mind that the last time I heard about this project was around a year ago,  it could very well not be in development anymore. I guess we will see soon, based on if Tim Drake is in season 3.

Emre Kaya

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