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‘The Leopard from Lime Street’ Live-Action Series in the Works

There is a The Leopard from Lime Street series in development.

I’ve learned that a “The Leopard from Lime Street” television adaptation is in development.

The Leopard from Lime Street was a story appearing regularly in Buster comics. The comic follows Billy Farmer. Billy lived with his Aunt Joan and Uncle Charlie in the fictional town of Selbridge. He was scratched by a radioactive leopard called ‘Sheba’ while taking photos at the local zoo for the school magazine, and thereafter gained leopard-like strength, speed, reflexes, and tree-climbing abilities. Naturally, he immediately customized and donned a leopard-like costume leftover from when he starred as the cat in his school’s production of Dick Whittington and began fighting crime, of which Selbridge had a surprising amount. 

While he’s fighting crime, he often sells photographs of himself to the local paper, using the money to support his frail aunt. The Leopardman is forever trying to convince the people of Selbridge that he is a hero, not a villain – not easy when you name yourself after a dangerous animal! Unfortunately, he has to contend with his violent, greedy and lazy uncle.

The Leopardman’s foes included the Cat Man (a burglar), Vampirello the human bat (a circus acrobat), the Ghost of Lurcher Creel, the Snow Beast (Conrad Klaws), the Roller Monster, the Alien (a wrestler), the Grey Ghost (a Leopardman robot), the Leopardman’s Ghost, newspaper editor Thaddeus Clegg, and a police inspector named Craddock who believed him to be a dangerous menace (as did much of the town, an unfortunate consequence of patterning one’s heroic identity on a lethal carnivore).

This comic was clearly heavily inspired by the Spider-Man comics, as you most likely have already noticed. From his superhero origin story, to his rogues gallery, to his life outside of being a superhero, it’s all extremely similar to Spider-Man.

A presentation pilot of The Leopard from Lime Street series is currently in development. Presentation pilots are short films that are used to sell a television series pitch. My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Saturday Night Fever show scoops are also being pitched through presentation pilots, for example.

It is currently unclear how The Leopard from Lime Street will be distributed, though it is safe to say that it will be going to the same network, cable, or streaming service as Rebellion Developments’ upcoming Mega-City One series, seeing as how both properties are owned by Rebellion and both series are produced by the same production company.

By Emre Kaya

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