Exclusive Details on The ‘Titans’ Panel at FanDome!

Today I’ve got some FanDome details to share. Specifically, details regarding the Titans panel.

I have some information on most major panels but unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share them yet. I do have permission to share the Titans deets though, so here you go:

What I’ve heard about the Titans panel is kind of disappointing… The Titans panel at FanDome will feature the cast talking about the top moments in the show from season 1 and season 2. A month or so ago, DC Universe set up a poll on their website asking fans to pick their favorite moments on the show. This will be discussed at FanDome.

Dick will be talked about a lot at the panel. Dick’s journey from The Flying Graysons to Robin, to Nightwing. The Journey to Nightwing is heavily discussed at the panel. This shouldn’t be surprising to anybody, as it’s obvious that Dick/Robin/Nightwing has always been the main character of the show. I just find it disappointing that we aren’t getting something on Gar, Kory, and Rachel (or even Conner). I know that they have made suits for Beast Boy, Starfire, and Rachel for example. Why not show these at FanDome? I’m worried that these characters are going to be costume-less again in the next season. I mean, they have been making suits for these characters since season 1. They never get used for some reason, though. Let’s hope that changes in season 3.

One thing about the panel that I think a lot of people might like is the Red Hood announcement. In this panel, they will be confirming that Red Hood will join the show, with Jason Todd finally undergoing his transformation into Red Hood. I have heard that Titans’ take on Red Hood is similar to that of the Batman: Arkham Knight videogame. I’ve also heard from  a friend who has a source close to the production of Titans  that there will be a time jump in season 3. This time jump will happen around midway through the season, it’s likely that this time jump has something to do with Jason’s storyline. Maybe he dies, they do a time skip and then he comes back? Who knows.

They will also share some other small details about Titans season 3 at the panel, but it’s not much. We already know most of it and it isn’t really anything to get excited about. The Red Hood announcement is honestly the biggest thing at the Titans panel at FanDome.

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