This article contains the production dates for all upcoming and returning Star Trek series.

Back when I used to write at The GWW, some of my first Star Trek exclusives were production dates for upcoming Star Trek shows. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made all of them useless. Today I’m going to try this again, let’s hope these dates stay correct. Unlike what sweaty old white men on Youtube like to tell people, Star Trek is doing better than ever. Kurtzman & Co. are working on around 10 new series, some of which still have not been announced. Of these 10-13 series in total, a few of them have already started planning production on upcoming seasons. This article includes all the production dates for upcoming Star Trek show seasons, but I will also be using this article to keep everyone up-to-date on my leaks about these shows.

Star Trek: Discovery is the first Star Trek show that has come out under what people like to call “New Trek.” Discovery has aired two seasons, with the third one being close to finishing production. It is set to premiere on the 15th of October. As I have previously revealed, they’re not just planning on filming season 4 next. CBS is planning to produce both season 4 and season 5 back-to-back. According to the ITASE, season 4 is set to start production on the 26th of October. Season 5 naturally starts filming right after season 4 wraps up production. Star Trek: Discovery has spawned two spin-offs which are both still in development.

The first spin-off is the Star Trek: Section 31 series starring Michelle Yeoh in her role as Empress Georgiou. This series will be focusing on the secret Section 31 Starfleet agency. It will be centered around the version we saw in Star Trek: Discovery, not the one that was introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Just like Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Section 31 will be filming two seasons back-to-back, meaning it has already been renewed for a second season, Section 31 will begin production in April 2021.

The second spin-off is the much-rumored Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which centers around Discovery season 2 characters Pike, Spock and Number One. I originally revealed that this show was in the works back in March, with a casting update being published by me, two months later. I revealed that The Mandalorian’s Jake Cannavale was eyed for the role of James Tiberius Kirk in the series.  Two months after that, I revealed that Kirk isn’t the only character from the original Star Trek series that will be present in Strange New Worlds. All the main characters of the original series are set to appear. Yes, I’m talking about Uhura, Bones, Sulu, Scotty, and Chekov! Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, like Star Trek: Section 31, will also be filming its first two seasons back-to-back. Production starts in January of 2021.

We will also be getting 12 new Short Treks, but Short Treks are generally filmed during the production of the other shows, so there aren’t really any production dates I can share. Seeing as how Discovery seasons 4 and 5 are the first Star Trek seasons to begin production soon, it’s safe to assume that Star Trek: Short Treks will begin production in October.

In one of my first articles on this website, I revealed that the Star Trek: Ceti Alpha V series is being reworked. Ceti Alpha V is a prequel series to the Wrath of Khan movie and consists of three episodes. The reworked version will be produced by the crew behind the upcoming Vikings: Valhalla Netflix series. The production start date I’ve got of this show is a bit vaguer than the other dates, but production on Ceti Alpha V is currently set to start in mid-to-late 2021.

Remember when I said that there were around 10-13 Star Trek shows in the works? Yeah, you can add another one to the list. There is an untitled Star Trek series in the works which will be shooting in the summer of 2021. I will be publishing an article soon where I speculate about what this series could be.


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