Exclusive Interview With Nadria Tucker; Superman & Lois, Sexism & Racism Allegations

On the 6th of November, producer Nadria Tucker revealed that she was let go from her job as a story editor on CW’s Superman & Lois show. Following the termination, Nadria called out The CW with allegations of racism and sexism. After reading about this on her social media, I decided to contact Nadria and ask if we could set up an interview so she could elaborate on her tweets. You can read a transcription of the interview below:

Emre Kaya (The Vulcan Reporter): You stated on Twitter that you were let go from the Superman & Lois writer’s room on Wednesday, November 4th. Did this surprise you? What I’m asking is, did you see this coming?

Nadria Tucker: I expected my contract to get renewed, along with all of the other writers, so no, I didn’t see it coming. I was stunned!

TVR: What was the general work culture like in the Superman & Lois writer’s room, compared to the writer’s room culture of SyFy’s Krypton? Did other S&L writers have similar concerns as you?

NT: Multiple writers came to me with similar concerns. The culture–I mean an outline had a character joking about #metoo. To some people, I guess that’s okay and great character development. To me, and I don’t think I’m alone, it’s offensive.

TVR: Besides us, how many times have you been contacted about doing an interview regarding what happened with Superman & Lois? Has anyone from The CW or its parent companies reached out to you?

NT: A few people have reached out for interviews. You’re the first!

TVR: If you were given the opportunity to lead the Superman & Lois writer’s room, what would you add or change?

NT: I of course have a million ideas, and maybe you’ll see some of them in Season 1. But if I were in charge, the first thing I would do is take some classes in managing people, because being a showrunner is more than just slapping some fight scenes on a page. There are real people involved, and they should be treated with respect.

TVR: What was the hardest part of working on this show?

NT: COVID made an already intense situation, a writer’s room, even more difficult. Writers lost relatives. It’s been an emotional thing.

TVR: How do you think networks, streaming services, and writer’s rooms, in general, can best avoid what happened in your situation?

NT: I think leadership training is a great start. It comes down to how you treat the people you hire and how the people you hire (showrunners, directors) treat the people THEY hire. That’s where the networks and studios stumble again and again.

TVR: Would you change anything if you went back and did it all again?

NT: If I knew I’d be let go in the end, I would have fought even harder, pitched louder, and given fewer fucks. But I worked on something iconic. All of this is a piece of Superman’s story now, and that’s not nothing.

TVR: If you had the chance to develop your own television series or movie based on a DC/Marvel IP, what would it be? What would you do in your project that you were not allowed to do on Superman & Lois?

NT: I want Blade. Haha, I cannot wait to see the reboot. I love that property.

TVR: You might be able to get on-board that project. Marvel Studios were looking for a writer a while ago.

NT: Oh I have already thrown my name in the ring, trust. And I would gender swap Blade.

TVR: Are you working on any projects right now that you would like to share?

NT: I’ve got a couple of things in development, but what I really want to do is encourage people to stay engaged after the Presidential election. The work is never done! Keep protesting, voting, pressuring your politicians, and everyone in power. Keep making your voice heard.

Nadria Tucker is a Black female producer with produced episodes of shows like SYFY’s Krypton and WGN’s Underground. She has written books such as Darwin, Singer, and The Heaviest Corner on Earth.

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