‘Percy Jackson’: Casting Call Announced For Titular Role of Disney+ Series

Preliminary casting for the Percy Jackson & The Olympians Disney+ series has begun, per Rick Riordan himself.

Riordan has revealed that the casting process for the Disney+ series is now in its earliest stages, with the production having put out a casting call to talent agencies for the role of Percy Jackson.

No specific ethnicity or race is listed in the casting call, implying that the production is looking for the best possible actor for the role, regardless of background. You can view the casting call below:

Riordan stresses that this is a preliminary search, meaning they still have a long way to go before anything is official or confirmed. Though Riordan does note that this means that things are going in the right direction, as they “continue to have a lot of positive momentum behind the project and are excited to move forward.”

A teaser for the Percy Jackson series was released back in December of 2020, you can watch it below:

The production is looking for an actor who can “play 12.” That allows for a range in the actual age of the actor, but the goal is to stay true to the original story and have Percy’s character age from 12 to 16 over the course of the TV series, assuming the series is successful and gets renewed for four more seasons.

Additionally, Riordan states that the casting choices for other characters will be informed by whoever they get for Percy. The “big three” roles are stated to be the trio of Percy, Annabeth and Grover. In the live-action films, these roles were played by Logan Lorman, Alexandria Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson, respectively.

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