‘Titans’ Season 3 Set To Start Production On October 13

It looks like production on Titans season 3 has been delayed, again. This time, the season is supposed to start production on the 13th of October, 2020.

Titans season 3 was originally supposed to be premiering this fall. This release date could not be achieved due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 shutdown forced the producers to delay production of the third season past its original April 1st date. Since then, the production dates of Titans have been changing regularly.

After a while, it was changed to the 21st of September, which I actually wrote an article on. It looked like we finally had a solid idea of when production on the third season was going to start, but the Director’s Guild of Canada has just announced that the production dates have moved again.

Now, it looks like production on season 3 is set to start on the 13th of October, with it wrapping up on the 10th of June, 2021. Yesterday, I published an update on the production of the third season, which you can read here. I explained that pre-production has started (for the third time) and that the cast is expected to arrive in Canada tomorrow. Based on my previous update, I believe that these production dates are the real and final production dates. I doubt production will be delayed even further.

Previously, I’ve scooped that a Teen Titans spin-off series might be in development. The leader of this Teen Titans team will be Tim Drake, who is set to be introduced in the third season of the series. Other characters that are set to debut in season 3 are Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow.

Source: DGC

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